Forgotten Dandelion Memories
RawR Ello My name is Anai Ortiz. 22. California. Red. 30STM. Mac. Canon. Photography. Nerd. Feathers. Bunny. Rabbits. Trilingual. Totoro. Turtles. Scarfs. Nutella. Beach. Park. Bikes. Lace. Oranges. Green Apples. Strawberry. Berries. Dandelions. White Roses. Nature. Hiking. Traveling. Scary Movies. OJ. Anime. Make-Up. Friends. Cuddling. Kisses. Chocolate. Coffee. Tea. Starbucks. Music. Flute. Crafts. O+. Hugs. Hangouts. Leo. Stars. Food. Dreams. Memories. Sushi. Rings. Gummy Bears. Gummy Worms. Smoothies. Almonds. Eel. Domo. Harry Potter. Carrot Cake. Sea Food. Yogurt. Football.
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Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
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